• What is PlacementKloud?

      PlacementKloud is a unique placement gateway for Educational Institutions. The Institutes can publish the student profiles for placement purpose. The link can be shared with prospective recruiters who can browse, filter, sort, analyse and shortlist the profiles hosted by the institutes. Also, the institute may choose to let only selected recruiters view the profiles by giving them access rights/personalized links. Alternatively, the profiles can be viewed by any prospective recruiter without restriction. PlacementKloud offers cost-effective pricing plans that enable institutions to create and host professional and personalized profiles easily and quickly.

    • How does it work ?
      • An institute signs up on PlacementKloud and chooses a plan.
      • Create relevant batches, choose a design theme, customise the profile template, and bulk-upload the data (in Excel format).
      • Make necessary corrections if required.
      • Customize and define filters and other settings.
      • Publish the profiles
      • Share the link with prospective recruiters.
      • Recruiters may Search, Filter, Sort, Analyse and shortlist the profiles as per their choice.
    • Can I try PlacementKloud before I buy it?

      Yes, we offer 15 days trial before you decide. Signup for the service now.

    • How much does the service cost?

      PlacementKloud pricing structure is quite simple. We have 4 simple plans, depending on the max. total no. of students per insitute, and the features. There are no monthly fees and no hidden charges. There is a flat fee for the entire Placement Year valid till 31st May 2013 (irrespective of when you signup). For details, visit our pricing section.

    • Is there a setup fees?

      It is a fairly simple system to setup. The admin for the institute can easily create the profiles with little help (step-by-step instructions provided). In this case, there are no setup fees. Online/email/phone support is also free.

      In case you want our team to setup the profile structure and help you populate/upload your data and photographs, we may charge a nominal setup fee (depending upon the services required and the plan chosen).

    • How much time does it take to design the profiles and go live?

      It takes just a few hours to setup, design the template and populate the data. It may take some more time to proof-read and correct the hosted data. It also depends on the number of profiles, as well as the complexity of the data. Once you are done with the same, you can go live instantly.


    • Our institute offers multiple programmes. Also, it offers students for Summers, Laterals and Final Placements. How does PlacementKloud take care of it.

      PlacementKloud is designed in a flexible manner, to take care of multiple batches. Each such combination (of a programme and the type of Placement) is considered a batch. Thus, for eg. an institute offering two different programmes for Junior & Senior batches, would be considered as four unique batches. Each batch may have different data sets and designs. They may also be created / published at different times, by different teams.

    • Can we customise the template for our profiles?

      PlacementKloud offers a very flexible structure which is customisable to suit the needs of any college/institution. The templates offer upto 40 fields, which can be customised as per your requirements. Also, the design of the template can be customised to your liking. It is quite easy to setup, with the help of step-by-step instructions provided.

    • Our batch has over 200 students. Can we bulk upload the data and photographs?

      Yes, bulk upload of profile data (as XLS file), individual student photographs and Detailed CVs (PDF) is possible. The XLS template can be downloaded once you setup the required fields and can be populated and uploaded on PlacementKloud.

    • How will the recruiters find our profiles?

      You may choose to publish the profiles in two ways.

      1. PUBLIC : It is accessible to all. In this case, anyone who visits PlacementKloud, may browse the profiles hosted by you. You may share the link with your prospective recruiters, who will be directed to your landing page. This option gives you maximum reach and visibility. Besides, recruiters who visit PlacementKloud to browse profiles of other institutes might even be interested to view your profiles.
      2. PRIVATE : You may choose to publish the profiles with restrictive access. If you choose so, your profiles will not to visible to the general visitors on the site. You will then have to create username/passwords for your prospective recruiters so that only they can access your profiles. You may create unique IDs for recruiters or a generic ID for a larger group. Alternatively, you may create encoded URLs which can be shared with recruiters to bypass the login procedure.
    • Some of the recruiters request us to send a list of candidates as per a pre-determined criteria. We used to send them an XLS file. How can PlacementKloud help?

      You can use our powerful and easy-to-use filters, search and advance query tools to shortlist the candidates. You may send this customised query to individual recruiters as per their requirements. You need not send them the XLS file anymore, as they can do further filtering or analysis on the shortlisted profiles on PlacementKloud.

    • Some of the students have their individual profiles on Linkedin. Is is possible to integrate the same?

      PlacementKloud recognises the importance of Linkedin profiles. It is possible to link the individual Linkedin profile with the profiles on PlacementKloud.

    • Is it possible to upload detailed CVs?

      It is advisable to keep the profiles short and to the point while designing your template on PlacementKloud, so that the recruiters can analyse them better. However, you can upload the Detailed CVs as PDF files which can be viewed/downloaded by recruiters.


    • I want to recruit fresh graduates. How does PlacementKloud help me?

      PlacementKloud is a unique platform for the institutes as well as recruiters. You can browse the available students' profiles published by various institutes.

      Some institutes may have chosen to share the profiles only with a selected list of recruiters. To view their profiles, you need to contact them for access. If you have received a unique link or username & password, use the same to access their profiles.

    • What can I do on PlacementKloud ?

      The profiles are available programme / batchwise. Choose the right option to see the profiles. Also, the profiles are so arranged to give you a bird's eye view in a compact and easy-to-read format.

      The control panel on the left allows you to instantly Filter, Sort, Search and analyse profiles. You may also shortlist the selected profiles for future reference.

    • How can I know more about a candidate?

      PlacementKloud supports Linkedin Profiles. If you see a Linkedin button with each profile, clicking the same will take you directly to the candidate's profile. Also, if the institute has uploaded detailed CVs, you can see a PDF button, which opens the PDF file that can be saved.

    • I would like to see a list of candidates as per a pre-determined criteria. Is it possible?

      You can use our powerful and easy-to-use filters, search and advance query tools to shortlist the candidates yourself. You may save this list for future reference. Alternatively, you can request the institute to send you a customised query, which can give you direct access to such a list instantly.



    • What are design options available in PlacementKloud?

      All plans of PlacementKloud come with a number of beautifully designed profile themes. You can choose any of these themes. You can switch the design anytime, even after you have published the profiles in a particular design theme. Each batch of your institute can have a separate theme. The landing page can also be customised.

    • Can I customise my profiles by changing fonts, colours etc.?

      The structure of the profiles are fully customisable. Thus, you can have profiles containing any number of fields, which can be laid out in your required format. You may customise the look and feel of each of these fields by changing attributes like bold, italics, font size and color. The font face is however dependent on the design theme. Also, PlacementKloud is developed in such a way that the profiles are presented in a compact, visually rich and easy-to-read format.

    • Can I add my logo and pictures?

      Yes, you can upload your logo, as well as a picture of the institute. You can also upload graphs/charts with captions.

    • Does PlacementKloud customize their sites to specific clients requests?

      We have a no. of beautifully designed profile themes. We will keep on adding the design themes, to choose from.

      However, on request, we may customize the design of the Profile template so that it is unique to a particular institute at an additional cost.

    • Do PlacementKloud websites work on the iPhone / iPad / Mobile devices?

      PlacementKloud works on iPad, iphone, android tablets devices for browsing the profiles. We are however in the process of optimising the same for various other devices too.

    • How do you plan to promote PlacementKloud?

      PlacementKloud is search engine friendly. Besides, we regularly post updates in relevant blogs and social networking sites to create awareness amongst the institutes and the prospective recruiters. Other conventional and non-conventional media will be used to promote the website.

    • All our plans include..
      • Multiple Design Themes
      • Customize your design
      • Customisable landing page for your institute
      • Multiple Batches
      • Multiple login access
      • Flexible profile templates
      • Bulk Data and photo upload
      • Social media sharing
      • iPad and Android tablets enabled
      • Search Engine Optimised
      • Unique URL
      • Hosted on Kloud Servers